Thursday, November 10, 2011

Dustying Success!

Went shopping today and found some awesome polishes! 

I found a brand new bottle of OPI SRO (Standing Room Only Silver).  Here is a picture:
This polish is SUPER HOLOGRAPHIC! I think it is my favorite holographic so far :) Swatches of this amazing color are soon to follow!

Next up is:
Full sized OPI Glow-Ink in the Dark, 1/2 full OPI What's Dune, and 90% full bottle of China Glaze QT! 

Glow-Ink in the Dark, What's Dune, and QT are up for swaps! 

QT has some slight nail polish on the bottle as well as some scuffs on the cap :) 

Swap requests are welcome!  Send to or at my Make Up Alley account, andr3asmith

Thanks! Andrea

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Pink Wednesday

Wednesday November 9, 2011

This is my FIRST Pink Wednesday Manicure and boy was I excited!! I happened to get two new bottles of pink polish this week so it wasn't difficult to figure out what colors to use for it!
OPI DS Chiffon is the main color used here, super HOLO!!! (4 coats)
On my accent nails are Zoya Astra, I have to say this is the most sparkly color that I own! (2 coats)
I hope you enjoy this!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Our Unexpected Luck!

We went to our local Regis and found these, Buy 1, Get 1 50% Off!!

DS Chiffon(left) & DS Divine(right)

This is a photo of the colors in their origional boxes, in Florida's Sunshine!

This photo is of DS Chiffon, indoors under direct light. You can see some of a rainbow and the beautiful color!

This is a photo of DS Chiffon, outside. It is kinda blurry but shows the Holo Goodness well!!

This photo is of DS Divine, outside in the sunlight. This shows just how holographic this awesome hot pink is!!

This photo is of DS Divine, inside under direct light. This shows the actual color of the polish very well!

Swatches are soon to follow so make sure to keep an eye out!

Collection List

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Let us know what you think!!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Perfect Pair

Color Club Revvvolution and OPI Teenage Dream
This picture was taken inside without flash. There are different versions of the Revvvolution. When I heard about Bed Bath Beyond having the color Andrea and I went on an escapade!
Together we have bought close to twenty bottles of this linear holo, which cleaned out South Florida.
The picture does not capture the holo goodness but pictures that show off the lineage will be coming soon.
Teenage Dream is from the Katy Perry collection and was actually the first OPI that I paid full price for. It is an awesome sparkle without being too in your face! Everytime I wear it, people notice the light pink bling!

First Polish Posting

Welcome!! We'd like to introduce ourselves.

My name is Andrea and I am a Senior at the University of Central Florida! I started collecting nail polish in January of 2011 and already have over 200 bottles of nail polish!  My favorite brand currently, is OPI, but I have other awesome brands such as China Glaze, Zoya, NFU-OH, Color Club, and much more.  I met my best friend Lacey in college.  We were randomly assigned to live together as roommates and 2 years later we are "Best Polished Friends."

My name is Lacey. I am a full time mommy of a Beautiful little girl named Riley! I am a part time college student and in my free time, I polish! I have loved nail polish since I was a little girl and in the past few months it has just gotten worse!! My stash is still under 100 at the moment but I plan to change that very soon!! I am constantly looking at polish, whether its online or in a store. I have even gotten my 18 month old daughter obsessed!

We decided to create this blog to share our opinions on colors and brands with other polish maniacs! We have gotten pretty lucky on some polish finds so we hope you enjoy! :)